Nilgiri flycatcher

Nilgiri flycatcher (Eumyias albicaudatus) is an endemic resident in the Western Ghats of southern India.

It occurs in evergreen hill forests and woodlands favoring forest edges, clearings, dense vegetation near streams, shade coffee and cardamom plantations and sholas, from 600 m to the summits. It found from southern Karnataka south in Kerala and western Tamil Nadu. [Audio] Nilgiri flycatcher’s Sound 

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The male is dark blue overall with a violet-blue forehead and dark lore.  Females are much duller, dark brown on upper parts  wings and face and dark grey below. Small whitish basal panels on tail are diagnostic, but very hard to see.

Hunts like other Flycatchers by making short aerial forays from the canopy. Breeds from February to June, building a cup-like nest of moss in a hole in a tree, a wall, among hanging roots or under a bridge.


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