The Life of Birds (1998)

Director: Mike Salisbury
Writer: David Attenborough
Language: English
Country: UK

The Life of Birds (1998)

The Life of Birds (1998)

Feathers, flight and song.

David Attenborough’s comprehensive and richly detailed study of birds, examining the variety of different species and their ways of life.

A ten-part insight into the evolution and behaviours of birds.

  • To Fly or Not to Fly?
  • The Mastery of Flight
  • The Insatiable Appetite
  • Meat-Eaters
  • Fishing for a Living
  • Signals and Songs
  • Finding Partners
  • The Demands of the Egg
  • The Problems of Parenthood
  • The Limits of Endurance 


Broadcasting Press Guild Awards – Best Documentary Series
BAFTA TV Award – Best Sound
Royal Television Society, UK – Best Presenter (David Attenborough)

The Life of Birds Full Documentary

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