Heard the laugh track of the Nilgiris?

Heard the laugh track of the Nilgiris?

The Nilgiris Laughing Thrush also called Black chinned Laughing Thrush (Strophocincla cachinnans) is an endangered endemic bird found only in and around Nilgiris.

A noisy bird with a distinctive laughing call and striking features. While walking in the Nilgiris, listen closely for the guffaw of the Nilgiri Laughing Thrush and treasure it, for you’ll hear it nowhere else on earth… [Audio] The Nilgiris Laughing Thrush’s Laughing Call

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Nilgiri Laughing Thrush is a birds sized about 20cms. It has black chin, sharp black beak, white brows, reddish brown feathers. Male and female have similar in colorization.

The preferred spots are Shola forest with dense undergrowth and fringes. Also in wooded gardens, forest edge and patches of thick scrub. Though relatively easier to hear is pretty tough to spot.

Mainly feeds on invertebrates, nectar, flowers and fruits, mostly within three meters of the ground.

Breeding season from January to June during an year. The nests are being made from February to beginning of June. The nest is normally built using roots, dead leaves, small twigs, and lichen, neatly lined with very fine grass stems.

They normally have two eggs in greenish-blue with a few large and small brown spots and streaks.

The Nilgiris Laughing Thrush