Brown palm civet

Brown palm civet

Brown palm civet (Paradoxurus jerdoni) also called the Jerdon’s palm civet is a civet endemic to the Western Ghats of India.

The Brown palm civet has a uniformly brown pelage, darker around the head, neck, shoulder, legs, and tail. Sometimes the pelage may be slightly grizzled.

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The brown palm civet is a solitary, nocturnal small carnivore. They rest during the day in day-bed sites, such as tree hollows, canopy vine tangles, Indian giant squirrel nests and forks of branches. The day-bed trees are large and are usually in dense mature forest stands with high canopy connectivity. They sometimes rest in the night in open branches

The brown palm civet is predominantly frugivorous. Fruits form a large proportion (97 per cent) of its diet and a key mammalian seed disperser in the Western Ghats rainforest by being predominantly frugivorous and dispersing a diverse array of plant species.